Before beginning the audition process, a potential member must have attended a minimum of three rehearsals. These rehearsals will allow you to experience the demands – and the joys of singing in a men’s a cappella ensemble.

During these rehearsals, you will be using music provided in a guest book that must be returned at the end of each rehearsal. A helpful aid to use as you’re learning songs is an app called Quick Voice on your I-phone. This allows you to record yourself (or a strong singer beside you), then using it during the week to rehearse and to memorize the words.


At your first rehearsal, a member of the Music Team will listen to you sing a few scales just to get a sense of your vocal range. Since our style of music consists of four distinct voice ranges, he will suggest which section you should initially sing in: tenor, lead (melody), baritone, or bass. Occasionally, men are moved to a different section after some time has elapsed.


In time, you will have a conversation with a Music Team member or complete a questionnaire describing your musical experience. 


Next, you will be asked to sing in front of a Music Team member and/or director. You may be asked to sing a simple song alone or with others to see if you are able to maintain pitch and the tonal center of the key being sung.


Finally, a member of the Presentation Team will evaluate you as a performer (visual involvement, expression, emotion) as you sing with the chorus. Unlike most other choral groups, we strive to evoke what the lyrics are saying.